Here’s a list of top 10 questions we get asked the most and that we wanted to answer all in one place.

If you have any other burning questions for us, feel free to contact us and we’ll answer as soon as possible!

top 10 questions for mad hat photo booth, cotswolds weddings and events photo booth hire


  1. How big is the photo booth?

    It would normally take around 2.5m x 2.5m for the ENTIRE setup ( photo booth, backdrop, table with props). We did fit in all sorts of odd spaces, so rest assured we can fit pretty much anywhere! We actually answered this question in DETAIL, in this following article, so do check this out, please!

  2. How does the booth look like?

    We tried our best to make sure our homepage showcases the photo booth as best as possible. But to answer, it’s an open style design, which means it’s a box that fits all the technical equipment ( camera, printer, flash) whilst guests pose in front of a backdrop without any curtains pulled or dark room they need to get into. All open for everyone to jump in and photo bomb!

  3. Will there be someone to operate the booth?

    Absolutely! It’s a technical and expensive equipment we wouldn’t just leave to a venue and then go home. We make sure you have the full experience by having not only an experienced person manning the booth but also someone who knows how to create the perfect atmosphere for your guests to get as silly as possible and get some awesome photos in the end!

  4. Do we pay extra for the setup time?

    NO, you’d only pay for the time you booked. The time required for the setup and packing is definitely not something you need to worry about!

  5. Can I choose the backdrop?

    Yes, please! We regularly update our collection ( we just can’t help it) so we try to have a pretty wide variety of colours available and styles. Although, we must admit, we do have a weakness for sequins backdrops and they have been by far the most popular choice. You can view the entire photo booth backdrops collection we have to date, here. We’re always open to any custom requests, so do hit us up for any ideas you may have!

  6. Do we pay extra for travel?

    If your corporate event or party or wedding is in the Cotswolds area, Birmingham, Gloucestershire and surroundings, definitely not. We ideally book events in this area, but open to exciting events, anytime!

  7. Can I choose different print size if it’s not included in my package?

    You can mix and match anything your heart desires! By the way, you can see all our pricing here, nothing to hide!

  8. What sort of events do you cover?

    Where there’s a party, there’s also Mad Hat Photo Booth! Therefor, we can bring the photo booth to any wedding, corporate event, Christmas party (here’s some inspiration for your office Christmas party) , birthday party, pub party (yup, we did that, too) and anything else you can think of and you’d like to add a super fun element to it!

  9. Do you have insurance?

    We would not be able to sleep at night if we didn’t! So yes, ask and you shall receive it.

  10. How can we book?

    Simply fill in the contact form and we’ll let you know in 24h if the date is free and you’ll be sent a contract and an invoice for 50% deposit and that’s basically it! We also have a Questionnaire made specially for each event so we’ll get all the info we need in one place. We keep things super nice and simple!

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    Hope this top 10 questions article was really helpful! If you’re still on the fence about hiring a photo booth or organising a DIY photo booth, you definitely need to read this blog post! 


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