Capturing Everlasting Moments: Photo Booth Hire for Your Norton Grounds Wedding Photos

Are you planning your bash at Norton Grounds in the Cotswolds? Imagine your dream wedding: the rustic charm, the laughter, and, of course, those Insta-worthy moments.

Now, add a splash of fun and charm with our wooden photo booth and a green sequins backdrop. Let’s spill the tea on why your Norton Grounds wedding photos will be the talk of the town!

1. Modern Elegance: The Wooden Photo Booth

Norton Grounds, with its rustic charm, calls for elements that seamlessly blend with its surroundings. Our wooden photo booth fits right in, bringing a touch of vintage glam to your big day. Crafted with care, it becomes a visual delight and a perfect ice-breaker for your guests of all ages.

2. Glitz and Glam: The Green Sequins Backdrop

Get ready to shine! Our green sequins backdrop brings magic to your pics. It adds that touch of sparkle, creating a backdrop that’s as dazzling as your love story. It is also the perfect backdrop for this wonderful wedding during the festive season, hence some Christmas props were sneaked in.

3. Personalised Experience: Keepsakes with a Twist

Your wedding is a reflection of your unique love story, and your photos should capture that essence. Our photo booth experience goes beyond, allowing you to customize prints with your names, wedding date, or a special message. Each guest leaves with a personalized memento, creating lasting memories of your Norton Grounds celebration.

4. Blend In, Stand Out: Perfect Venue Harmony

The versatility of our wooden photo booth and stunning sequins backdrop ensures a seamless integration into the Norton Grounds ambiance. It becomes a hotspot that adds to the joy of your guests.

5. Professional Service: A Stress-Free Celebration

As a seasoned photo booth business, we understand the importance of flawless execution on your special day. Our team ensures a stress-free experience, from the initial setup to the last photo taken. You can focus on making memories while we capture them for you.

Your Norton Grounds wedding deserves to be a visual masterpiece, and our wooden photo booth with a green sequins backdrop is the perfect fun touch. Elevate your celebration with a blend of rustic charm and contemporary glamour, creating wedding photos that tell your unique love story.

Are you planning a Norton Grounds wedding in the Cotswolds? 

If you’re ready to elevate your event to the next level, book our Cotswolds Photo Booth Hire. Please read our online reviews to convince yourself if ever in doubt. Contact us today to secure your booking.

Party entertainment is one of the most important elements of a wedding.

You can see here all of our available photo booth backdrops , but we’re always open to creative ideas.
 So, if you’re planning your dream wedding in the Cotswolds, be sure to add a Wedding Photo Booth to your list of must-haves for the best party entertainment there.

Wedding venue: Norton Grounds Wedding venue

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