5 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Day (And Totally Regret It)

How to Save Money on Your Wedding Day
(And Totally Regret It)


  1. Have your uncle or friend shoot the wedding for free

    This is probably the trickiest one. A good wedding photographer doesn’t come cheap. And that is for a reason. But unless your uncle or friend is a well-experienced wedding photographer whose style you absolutely love, please, please don’t make this mistake. I promise you that you will seriously regretting not investing in a good photographer later on.

    There’s probably smarter ways to save money on your wedding day, but trust me, this is not one of them. Or better yet, ask friends around and see if anyone actually made this mistake before. You’d be surprised the experience wasn’t great and most likely they regret it now.


  2. DIY everything yourself

    Flowers, stationery, wedding cake, food and few other things could go on this list. These are all things you could do yourself, right? For some, most likely yes. But the time you actually need to invest doing all of these, the responsibility to make sure they all turn our just right and the little bits of money you actually spend, it all ads up. Unless your long life dream was to always do everything yourself for your wedding day, it might just be best to reconsider this idea.

    DIY wedding tops to save money and regret it

  3. Find the cheapest vendors

    Some things are cheap for a reason. Yes, you may save money on your wedding day by hiring one vendor over another but those vendors who are desperately cheap, you should stay far away from. Their website should immediately give you hints of the type of work you would be offered yourself and also their Google reviews. If there’s things you truly value, like memories, food, entertainment for your beloved guests, then better save up and do your research. But I can not say enough how important it is to hire the right vendors.

    Sometimes, you may be happy for a very short while thinking you can save money on your wedding by hiring cheap, but don’t forget your day is only once. There’s other ways to save up. Like not buying your Starbucks coffee every morning when going to work…

  4. Play music from your Spotify list

    Wedding entertainment is a big one. If I had a penny for each reception we’ve been to and people were completely unimpressed by the quality of music or the sound system. I admit you could save up some money by not hiring a band but the alternative is… well.. not great. This might be a good time to ask for some favours from your super talented musician friends or just go all in and hire a band. The difference is incredible.

  5. Don’t hire a photo booth

    This almost hurts me to say. I’ll be honest. We’ve been to MANY weddings, as wedding photographers. Towards the evening, unless you have an open bar and the most amazing party band, things can get a bit…boring. People love entertainment. They come to a party to, well, party! So while you can save up a bit of money on not having a photo booth, this may be one of those decisions you may seriously regret it. Don’t wait until after the wedding day to say “What if I had hired that photo booth?” If you do decide to hire one (Mad Hat Photo Booth), here’s some actual tips on how to make the most of your money. Actually, our packages aren’t big at all so you might save yourself lots of stress by having at least some form of wedding entertainment!

    photo booth hire for cotswolds birmingham and gloucestershire

    Clearly they are not ways to actually save up on your wedding day. We do have some cool ideas on how to save up on your wedding by using your photo booth backdrop 5 different ways.

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