Want to plan a wedding day everyone will talk about?

Here’s our ten wedding entertainment tips everyone should consider!

There are so many fun options you could plan for your wedding day for pennies, so have a good read as this ideas might transform a fancy dinner event into an unforgettable wedding party!

  1. Photo Booth

    If there’s one thing you should definitely consider- it’s a photo booth – Mad Hat Photo Booth, of course (shameless plug). You hit so many rabbits with one stone, you won’t believe it!

    a) the best ice breaker for any event
    b) you get a book with crazy fun moments of your guests you get to treasure forever
    c) your guests leave home with really fun PRINTED memories from your wedding
    d) it gets everyone talking
    e) no boring moments during the evening reception when people don’t know what to do with themselves

  2. Guest book

    Wouldn’t you want to go home and have something tangible from your wedding day? Like a guest book filled with love notes and messages from your goofy friends? Then having a guest book on a table is a great way to make this happen – especially if it comes with a photo booth package, of course!

    natural linen guest book for weddings

  3. Live Band

    Since the beginning of times, music has been bringing people of all ages or cultures together. It’s what makes every party – party! We would recommend a (fantastic) live band over some music in the speakers anytime!

    live band wedding reception entertainment

  4. Magician

    Something quite unique and really effective way to WoW your guests is to hire a magician. We’ve seen it at events and were blown away by people’s reactions. Definitely highly recommended wedding entertainment tip!

  5. Acrobatic Musician

    If you don’t know what an acrobatic musician is yet, go over on YouTube right now.
    It’s basically someone ridiculously talented who can sing flawlessly while hanging upside down or spinning or whatever skills they have! It’s pretty crazy and absolutely fantastic way to impress big time!

    acrobatic musician wedding entertainment tip

  6. Flash Mob

    Another Wow factor for any wedding would be to have a flash mob. Now, the idea is that one of you (usually the bride ) would be completely surprised about this and so will your guests, I can promise you that!

    flash mob wedding tip for reception by mad hat photo booth

  7. Table Quiz

    Something more low-key maybe and completely free, would be to organise a table quiz. This can represent questions about the couple or simply general knowledge and a prize could even be given to the winning table.

  8. Dance-off competition

    Now this is something we’ve witnessed and brought FIRE on the dance floor! Guys and gals got so competitive and the dancing got crazy!! So so much fun and would work brilliantly if you had a live band to actually lead the competition and maybe even choose a winner!

    dance-off wedding entertainment tip from mad hat

  9. Confetti canons

    Every wedding should have confetti cannons on the dance floor! They’re very inexpensive and just really really fun! It’s also a great time for some beautiful pictures your photographer could get and the expressions are priceless! One of my personal favourite wedding entertainment tip!

    cannon sparklers wedding tip mad hat photo booth

  10. Piñata

    Are you the non-traditional type who’s tired of seeing the cake cutting? Then a piñata is a great wedding cake alternative for you! Fill it with chocolate and everyone is happy! It can either replace the wedding cake or simply have a piñata in the garden somewhere so people can have a go at kicking it blind-folded. You could easily do this project yourself and get people super excited about this !

    pinata wedding cake alternative for wedding reception


If you’re looking maybe for corporate events entertainment tips, we actually wrote an article just for you!

Hope all the wedding entertainment tips gave you lots of ideas for your own wedding reception so you get everyone wishing your day never ended! 

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