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Photo booths are a fantastic idea to get your party started and going strong. Even more so, for a wedding day, that you worked so hard to plan (and pay for). You want your guests to talk about your day for months (or years afterwards), share fun pictures on social media and rave about how amazing everything was! Am I right?

Well, in case you didn’t know, photo booths are so popular when it comes to wedding entertainment, it should definitely be on your list. Amongst so many other things, I know… Not only is this a very affordable form of entertainment but there’s also so many benefits to hiring a photo booth, it basically pays for itself. Trust me on this one.

To make sure you make the most of it for your wedding day, here’s our 8 photo booth tips to keep into account. 



  1. Hire the booth for the time after your guests just finished dinner

    You’re not sure when is the best time to have the photo booth for? For weddings, it’s usually in the evening, when the party starts. Unless you have tons of other entertainment, a photo booth is the best ice-breaker ever!  It will get your guests entertained for a very long time.

  2. Have the booth installed somewhere opposite from the DJ

    The photo booth shouldn’t compete with the DJ or band you hired. On the contrary, we would advise setting it up somewhere opposite the music. This way, guests who aren’t keen to go on the dance floor straight away, have something really fun to do as an alternative. Especially your elder guests who would not say no to wearing a crown or a wig on a wedding day.

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  3. Have custom designed prints

    Did you know a professional photo booth should be able to provide custom design prints for any event? You can add your name, wedding date or your wedding hashtag even. If you have a certain colour scheme or wedding theme, it can also be used for the design. Which brings me to my next point…

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  4. Use the prints as wedding favours for your guests

    Although wedding favours are becoming less popular these days, you can still treat your guests. One of these ways would be by having a photo booth that does unlimited prints so they can also have a copy home with them. You’ll most likely see it on their fridge next time you visit and have some good laughs, too.

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  5. If your guests are loving it, get extra hours on the spot

    It’s sometimes difficult to know what’s the best number of hours for your photo booth hire. Unless you know exactly when you need to free the venue. But if time is flexible in the evening, you could simply book for the minimum package and then definitely add extra hours if your guests are still going strong! It happened many times at events and with most photo booths, you might even get a on-the-spot discount for extra hours. That’s another photo booth tip you can remember.

  6. Use all the features the photo booth has

    Thank goodness for technology! These days, a photo booth can not only print your pictures on the spot, but also do gifs and boomerangs! What a fun way to add something extra for your guests who will be getting super creative when it comes to this! I promise you!

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  7. Ask for the online gallery and share on your social media

    Another cool feature a photo booth should have is to be able to keep all of your digital images, as well! I don’t know what other people do, but we love to look through them next day and prep them all in an online gallery. You can download them and share with all of your guests, of course! Social media will be filled with your super fun wedding pictures and it’s one more way to have some memories of your wedding day! Win win and no extra charge, of course!

  8. Make sure YOU use it!

    This may seem like an obvious photo booth tip but when you’re in the mids of your wedding day, things may get a bit overwhelming. Don’t ever think the photo booth is for guests only! On the contrary, get your mates around and take some silly pictures! That way, you would also get everyone else involved if they haven’t already. Seriously, probably one of the most important photo booth tips is that you make sure you use it.

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Want to see some weddings we’ve been part of so far? Here’s some of our favourite wedding events to date. Yes, the green sequins backdrop has been very popular but we also have plenty more to choose from!

Hope this 8 photo booth tips have been really helpful.
All that’s left to do is contact us, choose your favourite photo booth backdrop and get one big thing off your list! 


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