Mad Hat photo booth guest book options

We want to make sure your instant photo booth prints not only won’t get lost, but you also get a copy of each crazy or ridiculous pose they make in front of our booth!

We’re always looking for guest book options and ideas and so far we have 2 different types we can recommend.

  1. Standard guest book 

    The perfect guest book to collect and stick all the prints and those cheeky messages from your guests.
    We may change these in the future, but we’re happy to report we had very happy clients going through their guest books so far and we’re planning to keep making people happy!

    No matter the package you choose, we can include the standard guest book because it would be such a shame for you not to have those memories to see right after the wedding day buzz is over!

black pages photo booth guest book optionsguest book for a photo booth hire cotswolds for a Christmas party eventphoto booth guest book with instant prints and messages inside

2. Velvet cover guest book

If you’re planning a more high end event and want to impress your guests with every single detail, we have the guest book of dreams ready for you. With a black velvet hard cover and golden foil text , you get a guest book that has the quality of a wedding album!

Get in touch if you’re interested, though, we have a very limited number of these around!

velvet cover photo booth guest book for high end events velvet cover and gold foil text for a photo booth guest book for mad hat photo booth gold foil text inside photo booth guest book guest writing message inside a photo booth guest book during a wedding

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You can also see here the entire photo booth setup we can prepare for any event.



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