Are you a huge fan of confetti like we are?

Planning your wedding day and definitely want to have some confetti pictures taken? Why not adding them… well.. everywhere? Ok, maybe not every single moment is for confetti, but there’s plenty of times where you can add some. You can’t get better reactions than that!


  1. Wedding ceremony confetti

    Your wedding ceremony is over and done and it’s time you exit the church or whatever venue you’re at. Your photographer is excitedly waiting down the aisle for your reaction as you come down. Add some confetti to this picture in your head right now and you basically have a joy explosion.

    ceremony exit confetti pictures
    Image by Green Antlers Photography

  2. On the dance floor

    Yes, you can totally use confetti on the dance floor. Best to use are confetti cannons for this and it’s just so much fun for you and your guests around. We’ve witnessed this a few times and it was epic! Just adds to the craziness and fun shots on the dance floor. Definitely recommend!

    confetti canons during the wedding reception party
    Image by Green Antlers Photography

  3. Wedding portraits

    Why not mix things up a bit and make sure you get some really fun moments during the wedding portraits, too? You could either use natural confetti (respect the nature around) or maybe some smoke bombs? How fun would that be for a large print on your walls?

    smoke bombs during the wedding portraits
    Image by Green Antlers Photography

  4. For your photo booth

    Yes, your photo booth definitely deserves some extra attention! Having confetti during the snaps, is such a brilliant idea to get the absolute best and most genuine reactions from your guests! We would highly recommend considering some. You can always let us know if that’s something you’d like to be added to your package and we’ll make sure it happens!

    photo booth confetti
    Image from a Mad Hat Photo Booth Wedding Event

    Would you consider adding confetti to any of these moments from your wedding day? 


Please note we would always recommend eco-friendly options whenever possible. No damage to the environment and also so much cheaper/ or completely free.

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For more tips on the types of confetti you could have for your wedding day, here’s a more thorough article with many examples.
We’re always thinking of ideas to help you make the most of your photo booth so you can also read the article.



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