Looking for some top notch corporate event entertainment? We’ve got you covered!

We’ve lost count how many events we’ve attended to date. We’ve seen and learned a lot and we’d love to share some of the best corporate event entertainment tips to dazzle your guests!

    1. Photo booth

      We’ve read that people have been enjoying taking photo booth selfies since 1925. Now that’s something! The fantastic part is that people still love doing this, but the technology has considerably evolved! Therefor, the team at Mad Hat Photo Booth can offer your guests an experience they won’t forget.
      Our open air design is super sleek and can be easily customisable so it fits the theme of ANY event, with your branding on the prints for guests to take home! Gifs, Boomerangs, Videos and silly props are all available so that no matter the age, people can enjoy a ‘mad’ experience and your corporate event is a success!

      wedding guests laughing while looking at the prints from mad hat photo booth

    2. Auction with prizes

      Who doesn’t like a bit of competition especially when prizes may be involved? You could search for sponsors who are willing to offer your guests either an experience or a product in return for some marketing or a very small sum of money. It’s definitely worth calling your contacts and be sure that everyone will enjoy getting a prize! They might event pay for it 3x more if you turn it into an auction! Everyone a winner!

      auction event by mad hat photo booth event photography

    3. Fancy dressed up characters for children

      Are you planning a corporate event where children are present, too? Fear not, there’s quite a few ways to keep them entertained and trouble free! Hire a fancy dressed up company who would come to the event dressed up in Disney characters to pose with the children. Their job is to keep children entertained and very happy so you can focus on keeping their parents entertained!

    4. Balloon modelling for children

      If you want to go the extra mile to keep the little ones busy, why not hiring a balloon modelling person? They get all the children around them and keeps them well distracted! It’s pretty straight forward but you absolutely can’t go wrong with this! Very affordable, too!

    5. Mixology Class

      Now that children are kept busy, grown ups also need some fun and entertaining! How about a mixology class where they can mix their own favourite beverages and taste them, too!

    6. Quiz Night

      Depending on the goal and the theme of your event, planning a quiz night is always a brilliant idea! You can get everyone involved and it’s also completely free! Unless you decide to offer some treats for the winners! That would make everyone pretty excited!

    7. Event Photographer

      Remember that every event is also a marketing opportunity for you to reach your brand to new people and also to get new content for social media. Hiring an event photographer is one very easy and great way of ticking all the boxes! Did you know that the team at Mad Hat Photo Booth can also offer an event photographer? You get all the crazy fun shots for your guests and also the candid shots for your website or social media or maybe new leaflets? Everyone should consider an event photographer no matter the event.

      mad hat photo booth event photography

    8. Live music

      Can you imagine attending an event without any sort of music? For sure not. Considering you’re organising a corporate event and you probably plan on impressing some people, you might want to look for a fantastic live band to be present! Just make sure you do your research well before booking, because live music can easily make or brake the atmosphere.

      live music for corporate event entertainment ideas

    9. Celebrity impersonator

      A truly fun and unique way to relax the atmosphere for everyone attending your corporate event would be to hire a celebrity impersonator! It’s an absolutely brilliant way to stand out from other events and to make sure your guests have a memorable experience!

      michael jackson impersonator for corporate event entertainment

    10. Magician

      Last but by no means least is to hire a magician! You could hire someone to walk around your guests dazzling them with tricks nobody can explain but will surely get everyone well entertained! It would also get people taking their phones out to take pictures and therefor – more ‘free’ marketing for you!

      If you’re looking for some Wedding Entertainment Tips, do check our sister website for a brilliant and very detailed list of ideas that will make your wedding the highlight of the year!

      Hope our lists of 10 Corporate Event Entertainment Tips has helped or at least gave you a head start! Remember that people nowadays expect more when attending an event, so make sure you deliver! 

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