When can you actually wear anything you want and act as silly as you’d like and get away with it? (except for Halloween probably) 
In our open design photo booth, of course!

Since we started this business, the most fun thing has been to gather props and backdrops and attend events where our role is literally to make people smile! Not a bad job, right?

Here are some of our most popular props at the moment. We’re constantly searching for quirky props but these ones so far seem to bring plenty of smiles on people’s faces!

We’ve got a wide selection of wigs, hats, mustaches (obviously!), lots of fun glasses and some beautiful headbands!
There’s also a selection of Christmas props and we even have some Halloween photo booth props (including a real size skeleton if anyone is interested- yes, we’re a bit weird).

All you need to do is hire us and we can bring everything you can wish for to make sure your event is memorable for all the right reasons!

Want to see the backdrops you can pair these photo booth props with? I thought so. 


The Cotswolds,Gloucestershire


Sam + Diana
Green Antlers Photography

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