How to Make a DIY Photo Booth for Your Wedding | All Costs Breakdown

You’re planning to make a DIY Photo Booth for your wedding day or birthday party or whatever event you’re planning? Thinking of ways to save some money but still provide party entertainment for your guests?

Let’s break the exact steps and costs of a decent DIY Photo Booth station. 

The first thing to do is to find the best place for your setup. If it’s a wedding reception, we suggest to plan things near the dance floor or opposite the DJ and even by the bar if the wedding venue allows.

  1. Photo Backdrop

    No matter the venue, you should have a plain wall or area somewhere to setup a photo booth station.
    You can either use the wall you have there so you don’t spend any money on the backdrop, or you can make a more attracting corner.

    If you use a wall from the venue- photo booth backdrop costs = £0

    Let’s see some different options if you’re feeling crafty or don’t mind spending some money on some nice photo backdrops.

    Copper stand
    For a copper stand, you are looking at somewhere between £80 – £150. Simply buy these from your local B&Q and start building it yourself.

    Neon lights

    Depending on the number of letters or shape, a neon sign can be anywhere between £80 to £350.

    I have an entire article on neon lights on our sister website, highly recommend to save it for later.

    Other ideas for DIY photo booth backdrops are:

    Flower Wall

    Balloon Wall

    Tropical backdrop with live or plastic plants

    Personalised photo frame

    Macrame backdrop

    Pom-pom backdrop

    Amazon backdrop

    This is a very inexpensive and quite quirky idea for a diy party photo booth. It comes with some fun props, too!

    Plain White wall

    Want a really cool idea for a photo booth? Have a plain white wall with a camera or an iphone on a stand and set it up on black & white. The very popular Kardashian style photos are really elegant actually and quite fun!
    You could even try finding some photo booth apps to try for some cool effects!

  2. Props

    Having props is not totally necessary, but it is a great way to make things so much fun. If you are not interested in props, just the pictures, then your costs are again, 0.
    If you would like some props at least, you can find plenty of options on Amazon.
    The most popular photo booth props are the heart shaped glasses.

    Another really popular option most guests go for, are the sombrero hats.

  3. Polaroid or Instant Camera

    It wouldn’t be a photo booth station if there was no camera, so this is definitely a cost you will have.

    There are a couple of good options out there for instant photos. Don’t forget about the film you need to get on top!


    Disposable cameras are also an option I can recommend, though the quality is not at all good, so it might be a waste of money. You’re better off shooting with your own phone in this case.


  4. DSLR Camera with remote control

    If you’re planning a smaller event and you happen to have a DSLR camera, you can set it up on a tripod and use the remote control for people to take their own photos!

    I would not recommend this for a larger event simply because the more people, the better chances of accidents happening to your expensive gear. But for a smaller birthday party, this would work down extremely well!

    Obviously, if you’re a bit techy or experienced with lighting, you could add a ring light for much better quality and great photo booth photos!

  5. Guest Book

    A guest book is definitely a must at this stage.

    It would be such a shame to invest time and money in such a nice project and have no memories saved for yourself. The best way to make sure you actually get to keep those photos is to have a photo booth guest book ready for signing.
    Don’t forget the markers for sweet messages + some glue stick for the photos.

    These are some options for guest books you could choose from.

    Affordable photo booth guests Book

    Linen cover Photo booth guest book

    Personalised Photo Booth guest Book

    Velvet cover Photo Booth guest book

    If you’d like to see a great selection of guest books, I would highly recommend to check our sister blog, Green Antlers Photography. Lots of links and gorgeous options to choose from.

    personalised photo booth guest book with linen cover


Hope you found this DIY photo booth ideas useful! Making your own photo booth can be a great personal project if you had the time and budget.

At the end of the day, you can see that making your own diy photo booth setup is not that difficult, but ends up being quite pricey. So, is it worth the time in the end?

If you have the budget for a DIY photo booth, you probably have the budget for a professional photo booth.

What are some advantages of having a professional photo booth hire?


First of all, you would get a professional photo booth with photo booth attendants making sure your guests have the best possible experience and you don’t have a single worry.

Most photo booth companies, even a basic rental option can also offer an online gallery after the event. This way, you can share your favourites on your social media, of course.

You can find here all that you would get if you hire a professional photo booth.

That saying ” you get what you pay for” is absolutely true, especially when it comes to planning your wedding day.

sequins backdrop for a professional photo booth hire

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