Nobody will teach you in school about dreaming big. People ask you since a very young age what do you want to be when you grow up, but we all know those answers. It’s usually the teacher who inspires you or the nurse you see in Peppa Pig, or fireman Sam. But you won’t hear children dreaming to be entrepreneurs.

If someone asked me NOW what I wanted to do when “I grow older” i’d probably say it’s to dream even bigger.

This photo booth business is another step towards our big dreams and goals and what we hope is to inspire others to not only dream big, but to dream fierce. 

I truly hope it inspires you a little bit to get over your fears or insecurities to take the first step! It’s always the hardest. But the road towards your wild dreams is most probably worth every bit of hard work!


Very side note, but did you know we bring a letter board to every event where you can have your own message written? It can be a Congratulations sign or your wedding or event hashtag or maybe a fun quote? You just name it, we’ll make sure it’s there!


Is it a wedding or a corporate event? Or maybe a birthday party or a product launch?